4 Popular Earrings You Should Own for Fall 2019




4 Popular Earrings You Should Own for Fall 2019

2019 Autumn is coming, and it’s time to change your style with the latest fashion trend!


If you are still looking for what to have & wear for this autumn, then our OEM jewelry is the best choice for you to keep with new fashion. Different styles of earrings can match with different occasions, such as they can dress up a casual afternoon outfit, or even bring a glamorous evening look. Here we will tell you 5 styles of OEM earrings that you can wear in different occasions in 2019 autumn.


  • Autumn Leaves

When it comes to autumn, you may think of leaves. Leaves are a symbol of delicate, whimsical, and elusively enigmatic. They contain secrets within their contours, which bring a gentle and magical feel.


Leaves are appropriate for the 2019 autumn jewelry trends and figured heavily in glistening shades of deep gold. Here we will recommend several kinds of autumn earrings at OEM jewelry.


  • The Mismatched Earrings

The next 2019 fall earring trend is the mismatched earrings. They are such a simple modification on the accessory, but they look special and romantic.


A mismatched earring shows an inner composure and innate confidence. The look demonstrates an intuitive and studied knowledge of fashion and aesthetics. Here are some OEM mismatched earrings that recommend for you.







  • Chunky Chain Earring


    Bulky silver and gold links are statement lead a style of simple and design. They look simple, but a pair of earrings can transform a look. Here are some kinds of OEM chunky chain earrings that recommend for you.








    • Circular Earring


      As far as shapes go, circles made a lasting impression on designers for their 2019 autumn jewelry creations. Circles have an enigmatic appeal, because they are simple yet contain dimension within their sleek and elegant form. The shape also gives itself a variety of silhouettes, from industrial to tribal to futuristic. There are some types of OEM circular earrings.





      That’s all the 2019 autumn new fashion OEM earrings, and come to OEM Jewelry, you will find more about this!





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