5 Places to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Online & Offline



Many people like to collect jewelry as their hobbies, but jewelry collecting is not a cheap hobby or a cost-effective business venture, especially if you do not know how to get the right suppliers.


When we shop around craft stores, it seems that their stocks appear all the same from no more than a handful of mass producers, making it so difficult to pick up the outstanding pieces.



But picking online has certainly brought down the price barrier and make wider choice available to the masses. Here are 5 recommended places to buy wholesale jewelry online:








As we all know, eBay is the common wholesale website, at which you can buy a great variety of goods. Because of the huge collection at eBay, you need to key in specific search terms to find what your look for. Say you just want OEM gold earrings, then in the search box, you should type out “OEM gold earrings”, to make sure nothing other than OEM gold earrings would get displayed.


eBay is excellent when it comes to variety and exclusivity for necklaces. And a popular class of necklaces is OEM silver necklaces. You can see different kinds of silver necklaces from OEM on it and get a much better price.






For the beginners to find wholesale jewelry, DollarBead.com is the first place to get started. The variety on offer here is great and with each costing just $1, there is a lot of space for learning and experimenting with beads. All shipments are charged with a reasonable $5 flat and shipping time takes no more than days.


This site works especially well if you have your fair share of designer beads, and only looking for filler beads. And the range here could blow your mind, from seed beads to semi-precious gemstone beads, shell beads to glass beads, acrylic beads, pearls, plastic beads, and lots more.


You can see that every individual strand is worth more than its price of $1, so it’s happy to get the price! And you would not be disappointed with the jewelry quality!






This is a useful site if you are looking for display and storage systems, a necessary feature if you sell your handcrafted jewelry at crafts fairs or even storefronts. The price tags look decent and they also guarantee fast shipping at reasonable rate.


The only exception is the findings selection. Not only the range is impressive, but also it offers the lowest price among all other sites!






It is called “the mother of all beading sites”. Whether you make jewelry for business or as a hobby, you can find anything and everything you ever needed for your jewelry craft here.


Free tutorials on designing jewelry, excellent customer service, all shipments regardless of size are charged $5 flat for shipping, and the easy user navigation make Firemountain Gems a good website any jewelry artist can ever find.






Jewelry OEM is a good fashion wholesale jewelry online store. It operates chain stores with footprint that spans across many states.


It has an impressive collection of jewelry findings, and these stuffs can be wonderful sources to make necklaces, earrings, and other unique pieces. For the jewelry designers, Jewelry OEM often provides inspiration to create their new brand of jewelry by looking at the style of different jewelry.






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