Before you looking for jewelry suppliers-What is 925 sterling silver?

  • What does 925 sterling silver mean? 

As a jewelry wholesale store, we deal with tons of messages from clients every day. Many of them said they wanted to start their own jewelry business, but they didn't even know what exactly 925 sterling silver is. Today we are going to take a deep dive into this question.
925 silver refers to a silver product with a silver content of about 92.5%, and a purity of about 92.5% is considered pure silver. Because high-purity silver is soft and easily oxidized, 925 silver is added with 7.5% of other metals to make it have the ideal hardness.925 sterling silver is the international standard silver for making silver jewelry in the world.

  • Why are there 7.5% other metals?

Because 99.9% sterling silver is too soft and easy to oxidize, 925 sterling silver is added with copper, zinc, nickel and other 7.5% alloys, so that silver ornaments have ideal hardness, brightness and luster, and oxidation resistance, and can be inlaid with various gems. Also, there is no 100% silver in this world, because technically it's too hard and expensive for human beings to obtain it, and it's also hard to keep or process it.

  • Top sale products for 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale

S925 Sterling Silver Personality Double Love Color Separation Pendant Necklace Female Jewelry Cross-Border Exclusive

925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Wholesale

925 Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Rose Red Cubic Zirconia Necklace Wholesale Jewelry For Woman

925 sterling silver heart shaped pendant necklace wholesale

925 Sterling Silver Love Heart Infinity Birthstone Teardrop Pendant Necklace Jewelry Gifts for Women Mom Wife

925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Pendant Necklace Wholesale

Zodiac Sign Astrology Horoscope Round Medallion Antiqued Sterling Silver Pendant For Men Women Necklace

Zodiac Sign Astrology Horoscope Round Medallion Antiqued Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Wholesale
Eye Crystal Zircon Yellow Gold Plated Ring S925 Sterling Silver Explosion Fashion Ring
925 Sterling Silver Eye Crystal Zircon Yellow Gold Ring Wholesale
  • 4 Reasons to wear 925 sterling silver jewelry

  1. Chinese believe that wearing silver jewelry can ward off evil spirits, so there has been a custom of letting children wear silver jewelry since ancient times.
  2. Silver products can generate a magnetic field within a certain range, release a large amount of silver ions, stimulate energy, and have a health care effect on the human body.
  3. Silver has bactericidal function, silver ions can be disinfected, and the skin wearing silver jewelry is not easy to be infected with skin diseases.
  4. Silver is a kind of metal that is compatible with the skin and is not prone to allergies.


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