My chance to meet

Since I sold my necklace, I have been looking for a source of experience! Fortunately, I did not give up!

My name is Michiko Kyamko,i have a store in Italia.I have been selling 925 sterling silver jewelry for 5 years.


I have a bad start in the beginning of my business.It is very hard for me to find jewelry that is best seller and good looking.I purchased a lot of stock from the wholesale market.

The following problem is about the picture.I was not good at taking pictures,that make my website looks terrible.Taking good looking pictures cost me over 3,000$.

About 10 month later marry joined in.We made a team,I sell online and she keeps looking for new items.

Luckly we know jewelryoem by chance.The website is in china.The price is competitive and they have more than 4,000 designs.

They delivery the order very fast.Each design we just purchase 6 pcs.we customed a lot of name necklace.Our business seems just begin.

Our package to customer

Now we got about 40 orders everyday.

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