5 Tips To Match Your Jewelry With Your Outfit

When the time comes to jewelry, do you sometimes imagine how frustrating of picking out the suitable jewelry for your perfect outfit? It's great to have choices, but too many can turn dressing into dreadful. In fact, women spend an average of 90 minutes a week in their choosing what to wear.
To help eliminate some of the guesswork, we’ve put together 5 tips on how to match jewelry with your outfit. Don't miss them!
Make sure to consider where you're going and what you'll be doing. If you're dressing for work time, you might want to skip the bangles and hanging bracelets.
And also your choice of jewelry for church wouldn't be the same  as evening at the club. Here we recommend this OEM  Birthday Party Lovely Stud Cute Earrings Design 925 Sterling Silver, which is suitable for most occassions.
If you intend to make your face star of the show, you will need a dress on point, as well a pair of statement earrings. You know, the flashy, glittery ones will highlight your eyes.
And you will need to consider the shape of your face to decide which pair of earrings will match for perfect. For example, ladies with heart-shaped faces might consider drop earrings that don't taper at the bottom. While ladies with oval faces should consider triangular earrings to show off their cheekbones. You can try this OEM Snowflake Earrings Little Cubic Zirconia Drop Beautiful Jewelry Earrings, which can modify most people's faces.
There's a science behind matching up colors in fashion - the color wheel for inspiration. The color wheel will tell you about the color difference of blending warm and cool shades, such as deep green and dark blue gemstones pop against a yellow or orange dress.
Striking the balance between cool and warm colors is basically what accessorizing is all about. It’s significant to coordinate jewelry and outfits to be the prettiest "opposites attract". And this OEM Sparkle Name Necklace Personalized 925 Sterling Silver Name Jewelry is a good choice.
Diamonds have been fixed in jewelry since they were first discovered by people thousands of years ago. And here's a good reason that why they have always been popular: the diamond can match with anything! 
Have no idea of coordinating jewelry with your outfit? Maybe it’s a good choice to choose a pair of diamond earrings. The classic white diamond acts as a prism under the light, showing off all the colors that make up its composition. So this OEM bracelet is a good option - Classic Design Adjustable Women Bangle Bracelet Crystals From Swarovski.
You can consider solid bracelets, watches, and earrings instead of dazzling jewelry, as well the material of the outfit should be taken into consideration.
If the wardrobe has heavily ruffled fabric, simple jewelry can decorate with a busy print. You can choose this OEM simple Engagement Ring 925 Sterling Silver Color Luxury Stone Jewelry Halo.
The followings are some jewelry sugeestions for your  in different occasions. If you want to find more, don't hesitate to come to Jewelry OEM website!
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